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Soy Latina Candles

Candle + Perfume Oil Workshop

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Join us for a Candle + Perfume Oil Workshop where you will create a custom candle + perfume!

We will start off by customizing a candle by choosing your fragrance blend, unique yours! We are providing fall fragrances + our year-round fragrances, to offer a variety of options to choose from. You will create a 10 oz soy candle, using 100% natural wax. 

Our Perfume Oil Workshop is designed to help you craft a scent that embodies your individuality. We encourage you to embrace your preferences, passions, and memories as you craft your scent. Experiment with our luxury fragrance oils, each carefully selected to inspire and empower you to find the perfect blend. Attendees will create a 10mL perfume oil with the choice of almond oil or coconut oil as a carrier oil.

The workshop will take place at Lanni Ella in Montebello, CA on September 30th at 12pm. Refreshments will be provided. We can't wait to see you!

Lanni Ella is a one stop shop featuring 20+ small businesses including their own apparel that they proudly source and manufacture in Los Angeles.

Note: Limited spots are available. Reserve your place in advance to secure your spot.